We have our vision of luxury

It is to take the time to live simply.

To see friends, eat well, walk in the mountains, in the forest or in the street.

We have a philosophy

We believe that care is the ultimate remedy for happiness.

To take care of others, of the world around us, of nature and of yourself, of course. In a connected, shifting and consumerist world, we want to slow down. Slow down to watch, listen, think and breathe. To live consciously is to be there. Feel deep down that our choices are the right ones. Not because we think it but because we feel it. As obvious. To feel what is good is not the result of a reflection, it is a feeling. Purely and simply.

Jadduu is not a goal to achieve. It is a path, a direction to take. A road like an idea, a utopia, that of a simple world that respects people and nature. It starts there, with what we eat, what we do, what we wear on our skin. A luxury that cannot be seen but that feels, like a certainty of being on the right path.