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T-Shirt Imlil HommeT-Shirt Imlil Homme
4.0 (2)

T-Shirt Imlil Homme

65,00 €
T-Shirt Sans Manche ImlilT-Shirt Sans Manche Imlil
5.0 (1)

T-Shirt Sans Manche Imlil

59,00 €
Baselayer Drakensberg natura 2Baselayer Drakensberg natura 2
5.0 (1)

Baselayer Drakensberg natura 2

85,00 €
Debardeur Running SaharaDebardeur Running Sahara

Debardeur Running Sahara

69,00 €
T-Shirt Running SaharaT-Shirt Running Sahara

T-Shirt Running Sahara

75,00 €
Débardeur Loose ChampeyDébardeur Loose Champey

Débardeur Loose Champey

38,00 € 55,00 €
Tee-Shirt ChampeyTee-Shirt Champey
4.0 (1)

Tee-Shirt Champey

38,00 € 55,00 €
Débardeur Imlil natura 1Débardeur Imlil natura 1
4.5 (2)

Débardeur Imlil natura 1

45,00 €
T-Shirt Imlil naturaT-Shirt Imlil natura
5.0 (1)

T-Shirt Imlil natura

31,00 € 45,00 €
Baselayer Drakensberg natura 1Baselayer Drakensberg natura 1

Baselayer Drakensberg natura 1

40,00 € 59,00 €

Men's sports T-shirts are a must-have item, from tank tops to baselayers.

What material are our T-shirts made of?

All our t-shirts for men are made from tencel. This is an environmentally-friendly material produced from a mixture of wood pulp and a non-toxic solvent. Thinner and lighter than cotton but more resistant, it is soft and pleasant to wear, anti-bacterial (so anti-odour), thermo-regulating and eco-responsible as it is naturally biodegradable.

Which cut of t-shirt for men to choose?

Our t-shirts range in size from Small (S) to Extra Large (XL), and up to XXL for our Imlil sport t-shirt. Our T-shirt cuts allow you to adapt your sportswear to your style:

  • Slim fit: If you like a slim-fit T-shirt that hugs your curves (and shows off your muscles), the Drakensberg baselayer will suit you, for autumn and spring.
  • Straight or regular fit: For an in-between style, when the T-shirt is neither too close-fitting nor too loose, opt for our Imlil, as a T-shirt or tank top.
  • Oversize cut: This cut is fuller and longer than a traditional cut, giving you a more streetwear look. Choose our Champey t-shirts or tank tops for the warmer seasons.

Whether loose-fitting or slim-fitting, all our sports shirts are synonymous with comfort.

What colour t-shirt for men to choose?

The plain t-shirt remains a basic that suits all styles. Sober shades remain in the limelight, for a masculine, streamlined look that's suitable for all occasions. Our darkest t-shirt shades are:

  • Black: a basic t-shirt colour for everyday wear
  • Jet Black: a deeper colour, a shiny black with light metallic blue highlights
  • Dark Spruce: a masculine dark green, for a change from black while remaining sober.

Our grey t-shirt shades are:

  • Violet Grey: a soft grey with warm tones
  • Sharkskin: a medium grey with red undertones
  • Petrol Blue: a medium grey with bluish undertones, similar to asphalt grey.
  • Green of grey: a pale grey with green undertonesWhichever colour you prefer, our t-shirts will suit you every time!

Frequently asked questions about men's t-shirts

How to choose the right size of men's t-shirt

To choose the right size of t-shirt, measure your chest without inflating your bust. Refer to the online size guide to select the most suitable size.

  • For a size S: between 86 and 92 cm
  • For a size M: between 93 and 97 cm
  • For a size L: between 98 and 103 cm
  • For a size XL: between 104 and 110 cm
  • For a size XXL: between 110 and 112 cm

If the size doesn't fit, you can change your Jadduu item free of charge.

What to wear with my T-shirt

For summer and spring, we recommend wearing your T-shirt with Komodo shorts or Tafernaout shorts, made from 100% organic cotton. For autumn and winter, we recommend Jogging Shorts, which are comfortable and offer better coverage, using carefully selected materials.