Our story


Jadduu is a French sportswear brand that offers collections based on natural materials.
It was created in 2021 by Reda Sedrati who discovered during his various hikes in the mountains, his favorite activity at the time, new technically exceptional natural materials.
Passionate about sport in general, he decided during the confinement of the COVID to embark on the design of a T-shirt which will be at the genesis of Jadduu.


The planet being at a standstill, it took him more than a year and a half to succeed in importing the necessary natural materials from New Zealand to Portugal in order to make his first prototype.
Once recovered, he puts it to the test in various conditions, nothing escapes it, from hiking in the mountains, to crossfit gyms and runs under a blazing sun or just on the beach for a yoga session. Reda, surrounded by his friends who are also all sports enthusiasts, realizes that they have in their hands a t-shirt with exceptional qualities which not only respects their health by avoiding any assimilation by the body of plastic particles, but also the environment by reducing the diffusion of said particles in the oceans and promoting rapid degradation. As a name, he chooses the nickname he gives to his daughter Jade, and as a symbol, the hummingbird, a nod to the story of the bird which during a fire pours a few drops of water saying " I do my part”.


The legend of the hummingbird is well known to those fighting to free the planet from human impact. It raises the issue of adding small actions to create larger ones. Apart from the legend, the hummingbirds are courageous, mobile and agile which are totally anchored in the DNA of the brand which wants to be always on the move and daring. Hummingbirds are also the only bird species that love insects, collect pollen and help recreate biodiversity, diversify the environment and help regenerate it. On his own scale, Reda hopes that with jadduu he can help reduce the nuisance to the environment and the health of everyone, and thus, with all modesty, help to raise the bar.