Our commitments


At Jadduu, we promote simple and healthy values. Move, eat well, think about the world around us, act in conscience and with common sense.

The materials in our collections are mostly natural, thus reducing the plastic particles that can harm your health.

On your skin throughout the day, natural fibers only.


The technicality of the materials we use improves physical performance and simplifies daily efforts. The two materials at the center of our collections, Tencel and merino wool, are intended for various types of activities. For outdoor activities such as running or trekking, we favor Merino wool, which will allow you to thermoregulate your body temperature and wick away perspiration effectively in order to optimize your efforts in the open air. This material evacuates heat when the temperature rises to let the skin breathe and conversely when the temperature drops, it retains body heat to circulate it and maintain a constant temperature. For yoga and fitness activities, on the contrary, we favor tencel made from wood pulp, this ultra-comfortable material to wear is resistant, breathable and antibacterial, thus reducing unpleasant sweat odors. In addition, Tencel absorbs moisture faster than cotton for example and evacuates it more quickly, so it regulates perspiration and leaves the skin dry.


Jadduu aims to offer 100% natural collections.

Rarer and more precious, it was essential for us to make them accessible.


Tencel is an ecological material produced from a mixture of wood pulp and a non-toxic solvent.

Breathable and resistant fabric, it is often compared to silk (it is nicknamed vegetable silk).

Thinner and lighter than cotton but more resistant, it is soft and pleasant to wear, anti-bacterial (therefore anti-odour), thermoregulating and eco-responsible since it is naturally biodegradable.


Merino wool comes from a species of sheep whose thick, curly fleece gives abundant wool and is three times finer than traditional wool. Merino is mainly found in New Zealand or Australia.

This elastic and comfortable wool does not itch, is very silky (it is recommended for sensitive skin), regulates the temperature by keeping the heat when it is cold and the cold when it is hot. It lets the skin breathe and does not make you sweat, does not retain odors, is anti-bacterial, dries quickly and does not wrinkle.

All of our collections are either Oeko-tex standard 100 or GOTS certified.


Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Oeko-Tex certifies non-hazardous finished products and all their components.
Products with the Standard 100 label have been tested and proven to contain no harmful toxic substances.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world's leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria.
It is based on independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.


We maintain a very close relationship with all of our suppliers in order to guarantee production conditions that meet our quality standards.

Thus, in addition to a careful selection, we ensure that our partners have all the certifications such as ISO, Oekotex, GOTS standards, etc., which guarantee compliance with working conditions subject to regular checks by these third-party entities.

In addition, we regularly visit the site to judge ourselves of compliance with these same conditions.